My debut novel, Ugly Stick, was released by Tributaries Press on April 10, 2013!

Fifteen-year-old April Somerfield is a shy, self-loathing misfit who would blend in with the wallpaper, if only the wallpaper were a little less attractive. In a family line of gorgeous, successful women, April’s a fluke. At Prescott High School, she’s a walking punch line.

A school project sends April on the hunt for her mother’s mysteriously missing yearbooks, and upon finding them she uncovers a big secret. It turns out that being “hit with an ugly stick” is a surprisingly literal occurrence in April’s family tree—a curse has been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries. But when April sees a chance to finally ditch the family curse, she must decide if becoming beautiful on the outside is worth giving up the person she is meant to be. (Young Adult, Magic Realism)


“Judy Blume for a digital age” ... “Wonderfully written” 

"Fresh and unique" ... "Couldn't put it down!"

"Charming" ... "A great story for teens with self-image issues"

“Contemporary, wickedly funny, and endearing”

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Ugly Stick is available at, and other online booksellers, in both paperback and Kindle formats. 

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