Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: What were you reading in 1992?

Happy Throwback Thursday!

The year was 1992. Bill Cosby and Johnny Carson were signing off their network shows, Genesis and Right Said Fred were on the radio, and I was on the hunt for Girl Scout badges.

(Note my inability to keep a pair of Keds clean. This has persisted to adulthood.)

This was the year I discovered the delight of story-writing. We were given magical vessels called "journals" in first grade, and once the initial thrill of filling a page by writing "the very very very very very very end" had worn off, it suddenly clicked that I could record on paper the things that happened in my head! My first story was about a hen named Suzy and her chicks. I'm not going to say it was Caldecott-medal material... I'll leave that to my mom, who has lovingly preserved the sole copy somewhere in her basement. 

Anyway here's what I was reading in 1992!

Kevin Henkes is an amazing author-illustrator, and I think this book of his single-handedly awakened my love of enormous words. Other favorites by Kevin Henkes included Julius the Baby of the World and Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse.

This book wasn't just a book to me -- it was the basis for my first foray into THE THEATAH (not counting my dramatic narration of "Goldilocks" in kindergarten -- this time I had a costume). Miss Wells' first grade class performed The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a play for the parents, and we each got to be a different food eaten by the caterpillar during his week-long food bender. I was given the delicious role of the ice cream cone.

My first great literary love: the mystery chapter book. I loved -- still love -- the way these brothers and sisters cooperated and hung together through tough times, and the way that they continually happened to stumble upon mysteries. Nothing encourages a kid's creativity like reading about fellow children finding adventures and excitement in the ordinary world. Also, it surely didn't hurt that The Boxcar Children arrived in my life just before my younger brother Toby. After he came home, the Alden children mirrored my sibling set-up exactly: oldest brother, older sister, younger sister, little brother. That was pretty cool.


Throwback Thursday is always more fun with friends! Please leave comments with what YOU were reading/writing in the year in question. If you'd like to be even more involved by "guest posting" a complete reader/writer Throwback Thursday here, please email me at joy.eilene (at) I want to see your throwbacks!

So tell me, what were YOUR literary choices in 1992?

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