Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: What were you reading in 1991?

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!

For those of you who missed last week, here's the plan: each Thursday (until I run out of throwback years), I'm going to share a photo throwback to an earlier year of my life - and in addition to sharing photos, I will also share what I was reading and/or writing at that time. It'll be a fun glimpse into my earlier self: how I became the reader and writer I am today (I promise it won't be THAT harrowing of a journey). Also, it will include awesome 90s fashions.

I'm looking for group participation on this, too, guys. Throwback Thursday is always more fun with friends! Please leave comments with what YOU were reading/writing in the year in question. If you'd like to be even more involved by "guest posting" a complete reader/writer Throwback Thursday here, please email me at joy.eilene (at) I want to see your throwbacks!

Okay, ready for #ThrowbackThursday?

The year was 1991. I was five years old, a studious kindergartner, and I had just discovered the divine gift of Scholastic book orders. 

In between coloring and my attempts to swing over the bars at recess, I was quite an avid little bookworm. I still hadn't attempted writing my own stories yet, though according to my kindergarten memory book, I had decided on at least one of my career goals.  I wrote "I want to be a mommy" beneath a drawing of me in a purple dress and high heels (I just assumed mommies were issued high heels on day one... curiously, though, there were no children in the picture).

22 years later, done and done. :)

(You can't see my high heels, but I assure you they were there.)

Anyway here's what I was reading in 1991!

This book was featured in my kindergarten memory book (alongside my maternal aspirations) as my "Favorite Book." I loved the story of trying something new and finding out you like it - though this book never convinced me to try pickles. I think getting me to like pickles is beyond the power of any literary work. I do not like them in boxes, or with foxes, nor here, there, or anywhere.

This is the cautionary tale of a little boy caught between two worlds... the world of Grandma Nan and the world of Grandma Sal. Even as a child, I liked the assertiveness of Pip, the little boy who decides he's had enough of mixed messages from his double-booked babysitters. However, Grandma Sal seemed to be much more fun than Grandma Nan... #TeamSal

This is another cautionary tale, but one of gluttony. Cookie Monster's dramatic foil is a witch who owns a cookie tree and wants to protect it from him at all costs. I can't tell you how much I loved Cookie Monster in 1991. I had serious dreams of singing and eating alongside that incorrigible yet adorable googly-eyed monster. 

As much as I loved kindergarten, I couldn't wait to come home and watch Sesame Street with my brother while our mom made lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches cut into triangles (never rectangles - we weren't savages) with green beans and applesauce. Aaaaand now I'm hungry.


Happy Throwback Thursday! Now tell me, what were YOUR literary choices in 1991 (or whenever you were five years old)?

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