Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: What were you reading in 1990?

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!

I know I'm a little late to the party in jumping on this bandwagon (that's an intentional mixed metaphor - a bandwagon party sounds awesome), but I had a fun thought of how to tie the popular photo-sharing custom of #ThrowbackThursday into my love of writing and reading. Ready for it?

Each Thursday (until I run out of throwback years), I'm going to share a photo throwback to an earlier year of my life - and in addition to sharing photos, I will also share what I was reading and/or writing at that time. It'll be a fun glimpse into my earlier self: how I became the reader and writer I am today (I promise it won't be THAT harrowing of a journey). Also, it will include awesome 90s fashions.

I'm looking for group participation on this, too, guys. Throwback Thursday is always more fun with friends! Please leave comments with what YOU were reading/writing in the year in question.

If you'd like to be even more involved by "guest posting" a complete reader/writer Throwback Thursday here, please email me at joy.eilene (at) I want to see your throwbacks!

Okay, ready for the first #ThrowbackThursday?

The year was 1990. I was four years old, I was rocking bangs and pseudo-moon boots, and (like now) there was a lot of winter happening.

I wasn't really writing too much at that point in time - I preferred crayons, which are customarily used for coloring - though I could write my name. My favorite thing to do was to write my name (it's "JOY," if you're new around here) with a heart instead of an O. However, I wasn't very good at drawing hearts at that age, so they probably just looked like really wonky o's.

Here's what I was reading in 1990!

This was the first book I ever read on my own -- fitting, since it's a tale of a little chick who seizes her independence. I highly recommend it. :)

Who's read this one? I read it until the cover fell off. I can still easily recall the beautifully shaded illustrations and the mouse's clever-not-so-clever attempts to hide the strawberry from the bear (my favorite was the Groucho Marx glasses).

Ah, my seasonal choice book. You can't beat the Little Golden Books for nostalgia, and this one combined all of my four-year-old self's favorite things: Christmas, family, and anthropomorphized woodland creatures (Spoiler alert: those are still my favorite things). I would read this book any day of the year - it could be gross rainy March or dog-days August, and I would still instantly wish for snow, the smells of pine trees and cinnamon, and the absolute delight of knowing that Christmas was coming.


That's what 1990 looked like to me. Happy Throwback Thursday!

Now tell me, what were YOUR literary choices in 1990 (or whenever you were four years old)?

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  1. Joy, I vividly remember that 1990 afternoon, when you came to me (with your perfectly tied chocolate pigtails and precision cut straight bangs - okay so I was a bit obsessed - and said, "Mommy I want to read to you!", Little Chicks Big Day in hand. So you I left your big brother and little sister for a few minutes, and went to your bedroom. You opened the book and read every word on every page to me, as I listened in amazement! All of those hours of precious time reading together - you weren't just listening - you were reading too!