Monday, November 25, 2013

Free e-Books! Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Good morning, readers!

It is Thanksgiving week, a magical time of family and friends gathering, casseroles and Tums battling, football and Christmas movie watching. AND it's a great time to read April's Roots and Ugly Stick if you haven't already, because they are temporarily FREE on!

That's right, FREE!

I wanted to show you readers how thankful I am for each of YOU and your support of my work this year, and I can't run around hugging each of you individually (though if provided with airfare I would be happy to try). So the Kindle versions of Ugly Stick and April's Roots are free for e-reader download (doesn't have to be a Kindle device - just get the free app) ALL DAY TODAY!

Here's the Amazon link for Ugly Stick, and here's the link for April's Roots.

But wait -- there's more!

April's Roots Kindle version will be available for free at the link above through Thanksgiving Day! And the paperback versions are available as always, with slight discounts given by Amazon.

But what are you waiting for? Quit reading this silly blog and get reading a free e-book already! And/or share this page with your friends, family, classmates, bus drivers, and pets! And THANK YOU! :)


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  1. love to read. I am getting older need reading