Thursday, February 28, 2013

Yet Another Big Announcement - and a Slightly Less Big (But Still Big) Announcement

Hello again! Happy 2013, net friends!

I hope your year so far has been as abundant with happiness and peace as mine has. On January 3, 2013, after a surprisingly non-horror-film-caliber labor and delivery, Husband and I joyfully welcomed Baby into the world!

Six pounds, four ounces, one-hundred percent amazing.

"But, Joy," you might say, "that was almost eight weeks ago. Why are you only telling me this now?"

Well... parenthood.

It is full of love, excitement, frustration, elation, sleep deprivation, and laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. And more bodily functions than you'd ever expect. But mostly love.

It also means that I've been meaning to post a blog entry for all these weeks and haven't, because I've been very busy taking care of (and gazing at) Baby. He is the perfect picture of health and strength, which is miraculous and wonderful and joyous (especially because of the prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis we received, discussed here)! Baby needed NO time in the intensive care unit, came home from the hospital without incident, and promptly went to work learning to lift his head and roll over! Less than eight weeks into his life, he can do both. 

Oh, and he can smile, too!

I will resist the urge to spend endless paragraphs and pixels bragging and gushing about Baby here (though if you'd like to see all that jazz, please do feel free to friend me on facebook). While Baby is obviously the titular BIG announcement, there is a slightly less big (but still big) announcement to share:

My debut YA novel, Ugly Stick, is going to be published this spring!

That's the other reason I've been so busy lately. As I learned alongside my brilliant partner-in-crime Samantha back in 2012, preparing a book for publication is SRS BZNS, GUYS. 4REALZ. It is even more of a challenge when one attempts to do it alongside managing the life of an adorable newborn. Nevertheless, after producing Samantha's debut novel Penumbra last December, Tributaries Press (introduced here) will release Ugly Stick in paperback and Kindle formats on April 10, 2013!

So mark your calendars! Here's a quick summary of Ugly Stick:

April Somerfield is a terminally awkward, self-loathing misfit who would blend in with the wallpaper, if only the wallpaper were a little less attractive.  Being ugly is even more frustrating when April compares herself to the long line of gorgeous, confident, successful women in her family.  However, when April discovers the family curse that made her who she is, she has to decide if becoming beautiful on the outside is worth giving up the truly beautiful person she would otherwise become.

There will be more Ugly Stick-related posts as April 10 approaches, and more Baby-related posts for the next 18-21 years. Thanks for your interest, and happy reading!