Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Exciting Announcement

If we're friends on Facebook, you may have already seen this.  It's by far the biggest announcement I could possibly make, but right now the little one is less than three inches long!  And (I admit it) already Tweeting.

(Hey, there's only so much I can do to entertain myself during pregnancy, since roller coasters and flip-cup are out of the question, okay?  At least I'm imbuing the kid with a healthy dose of wholesome snark from an early gestational age.  And it's healthier than wolfing down buttered pop tarts and watching Teen Mom reruns all evening.)

Anyway, in the interest of keeping internet-based pregnancy announcements fresh, I have decided to present the five most frequent ANSWERS I have given in recent days, Jeopardy!-style, in response to the most frequently asked, well-meaning questions.  Answers (I mean, questions) follow.

A Pregnant Woman's Answers to FAQs:

A1. Yep, I really am!

A2. January 16.

A3. Yes, we'll find out at the end of August. 

A4. Way better than I thought pregnant women were supposed to feel, thank you.

A5. At the moment we're partial to James Tiberius or Primrose Renesmee.  Or Emma, if it's a girl.

Ready for the questions?

The Most Frequently Asked Questions I've Encountered Since Informing Others of the Contents of My Womb:


Q2. When are you due?!?!

Q3. ...Are you going to find out... y'know, if it's a boy or girl?

Q4. So how do you feel?

Q5. Have you thought about any names?


(Re: Q&A5 - We're not actually considering those, though I think Emma is a lovely name.)

So yes, our family will get bigger right around New Year's, and everybody's excited!

Well, almost everybody.

I kid!  Riley's excited, too.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Second of Several Exciting Announcements

The second exciting announcement is actually THREE announcements in one, all pertaining to recent developments in the celebrity world!

(yes, I know, they're not announcements about me or anything, but they've all fascinated me over the past week or so.  Just because I rarely update this blog doesn't mean I have a life or anything.)

#1: Adele Is Pregnant

The 24-year-old singer announced that she is expecting with her boyfriend.  Adele has reportedly been studying Supernanny for child-rearing tips.  This intrigues me, especially because Nanny Jo sounds so much like Adele, but more than that, this is terrific news!  Do you know why?  

It means that there will be a celebrity baby out there to counterbalance the Spawn of Snooki coming to a Jersey shore near you.

Snooki Walks a Baby Stroller Full of Beer & Party Supplies | Nicole Polizzi
(Well... at least she's not wearing high heels again?)

Seriously, now the next generations of both ends of the entertainment industry are covered.  And for that, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

#2: Katie Holmes Is Leaving Tom Cruise

It's about time.  Run, Joey Potter, run.  And take that adorable mini-fashionista daughter with you!

Let freedom ring.

I'm happy for Katie Holmes and all, but honestly, my first matter of concern in seeing this pop up in Google News was, "But what will happen to Suri Cruise's fantastic tumblr blog?"

But I needn't have worried.  Carry on, Hollywood's Little Sweetheart, carry on.

#3: The Spice Girls Are Making a Musical

Let me repeat.


If I weren't constitutionally opposed to the use of the term "squee," I would be using it now. A lot.

This December, London's West End will become the new home of Viva Forever!, a jukebox musical similar to the ABBA tribute Mamma Mia! in style and presentation, as well as in creators Jennifer Saunders and Judy Craymer (I guess if you have a winning recipe, why only bake one cake?).  And you thought our friends across the pond were going to be content with hosting the Olympics this year.

As a 90s pop music junkie (I still have and regularly wear a Hanson t-shirt), I was a huge fan of these British lasses, what with their tarty lyrics, tight harmonies, and Girl Power mantra.  And of course, the shoes.

A tiny part of me doesn't even care now if the Mayans are right about 2012.  After this musical debuts, won't we have reached the pinnacle of modern Western culture?

I kid.  But seriously, I am excited.  This had better make it to Broadway so I can hop on a bus to the Big Apple and see it for myself.  Girlfriends?  Who's with me?  Road trip?  We can start this month with a movie night to watch Spice World.  Just tell me when's good and, er... "Say You'll Be There." =)