Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The First of Several Exciting Announcements

Before I announce anything, I feel the need to apologize for not posting on this blog in so long.  It's been a crazy-busy couple of months, and I unfortunately let my blogging fall by the wayside. 

Here are a few of the things that kept me away so long:

  • Being in the wedding party (along with Husband) of two of our dearest friends for their beautiful wedding in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Discovering what is almost certainly the World's Coolest Bar in Milwaukee (deserving of its own post in the future).
  • Planting our Summer 2012 vegetable and herb garden.
  • Training to become a tutor for a terrific, community-minded, non-evil-corporation local test prep company.
  • Engaging in an escalating war of words that resulted in an acrimonious divorce... from my dentist's office (also deserving of its own post, as well as a Consumer Report).
  • Sewing a set of paisley-print curtains for our bedroom.
  • Plotting and executing "Operation Awesome," a week-long surprise-a-thon for Husband's birthday that included visits from his parents, sister, and a half-dozen of our closest friends from college.
  • Cheering on my sister as she graduated from The Ohio State University earlier this month, in the most epic commencement ceremony I have ever witnessed.
  • Watching The Bachelorette.  Yes, I have a problem.

And that's not even EVERYTHING that I've been up to!  But I have to save some for the next post. =)

With all that said, the big announcement of the day is this:

I'm starting a new novel!

Yes, starting what will (hopefully) in a few months be my fourth completed novel.  It's an untitled project that will be, as usual, different than anything else I've done before.  Do you remember those Wedding Mishaps I blogged about way back in 2010/2011?  I fell off the countdown about halfway through because, well, I shouldn't have set up my attention span for ten posts anyhow.  


The new book is going to include most of them, as well as some new ones I've encountered along the way.  Some will be stitched together as composites, while others will remain almost exactly as they happened.  Because, if you've been to many weddings, and/or had one or more of your own, you know that the truth is more hilarious than fiction!

The plot is going to revolve around Emma, a just-too-young-to-be-a-bridesmaid 19-year-old whose high-maintenance cousin is getting married.  Instead of getting to party with her older cousins and the hot groomsmen and ushers, Emma has been assigned two equally boring duties: guarding the super pricey guestbook with her life, and chaperoning her prudish 82-year-old grandmother Emmaline for the entire wedding weekend.

However, nobody was prepared for truly terrible toasts, a drunk DJ, a sleepwalking groomsman, a fainting bridesmaid, or a total mental meltdown from the last person you'd expect.  When one thing after another goes awry, amok, or just crazily wrong, Emma and "Grammaline" keep finding themselves saving the day--and bridging the generation gap in the process.


Like it so far?  I can't WAIT to start churning out pages and sharing them with you!  And that's also where you come in, net friends.

Just like with my last project, The Real Friend, I am looking for your creative suggestions.  Do you have any crazy wedding anecdotes, heartwarming moments, or horror stories?  More than one?  Do you enjoy making things up?  Do you want to be credited in a novel?  SHARE WITH ME!

Email me at joy.eilene (at) gmail.com, or post your wedding stories in the comments.  Names, physical traits, back stories, personalities, occupations... it's all fair game.  If I can use it in the book, I will -- and I'll credit you when it's eventually published!

So with my thanks, I'll conclude this announcement.  Thank you as always for reading.  Now, I'll try to not stay away so long!