Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hi Everybody,

Happy Tuesday!  I've already received some excellent imaginary friends from some of you via email and post, and I thank you again for sending them my way!  I promise to take impeccable care of them.  I'm still accepting more, as many as you'd like to send me, so please don't hesitate!

(If you don't know what in the world I'm talking about, please refer to THIS POST from last week.)

In the hopes of gathering more input from you lovely folks for this blog, I've added a "Thoughts on Words" page.  It's currently quite short and houses a few quotes about books and writing that I appreciate. 

Since I know many of you are writers, and ALL of you are readers, I thought you might have some suggestions for thoughts and quotes (your own or others') to add to the page.  If you do, please send them my way!  Make me think!  What do YOU have to say about words, writing, and books?  You can quote Mark Twain, recite a swatch of poetry, or send me your own thoughts in a concise word-byte.  Anything goes.  I'll even take haikus and comics.  Just post it in the comments section on the page or email it to joy.eilene (at) gmail.com.

If it's sufficiently pensive, I'll add it to the "Thoughts on Words" page with a credit to you (maybe even a link to your own blog/site, if I'm feeling frisky).

Thanks in advance for sharing your creativity and inspiration with my little slice of the blogosphere.  Now, let's all sit on the classroom rug, eat some graham crackers, and get SHARING!


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