Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yinz better redd up, because they're filming dahntahn and all arahnd the 'Burgh!  All this excitement needs discussed, so get ahtta yinz's hahs, grab a sammie from Primanti Bros., and let's talk abaht it!

That was my very best attempt at Pittsburghese (a legitimate dialect of American English) describing the truckloads of sheer awesome that arrived in the 'Burgh last week.  Christian Bale is here.

He brought some friends, of course, on account of they're filming a little flick here, maybe you've heard of it, I don't know,


Yeah, it's pretty exciting. Yesterday, my mom and I got a firsthand glimpse of the film production process, because we went onto campus for lunch.  There were hordes of trailers and an entire tent city accommodating hundreds of extras.  We had to wait fifteen minutes to walk down a particular block, because they were filming a scene in the alley.  While we didn't spot any of the stars, I DID get a good look at the scaffolding when we finally got to walk past it:


Then, I got a guerrilla shot of a Gotham convict, as well as the Gotham news van:

And then Mom and I saw something even more incredible.  The Batmobile.

(that's it right in the center of the picture, behind that streetlight.  I swear it's bigger in person.  Oddly enough, it was a couple shades of tan instead of black -- maybe it's some kind of post-production thing.  My silly little camera phone doesn't have a zoom feature, but I'm seriously considering investing in a digital camera solely for the purpose of stalking the Batman set over the next couple of weeks)

Those are all the semi-decent pictures I got yesterday, but I'm going to get as many as I can while they're shooting on campus this week, and I'll post them all here!  PLUS today Husband and I drove past the Mellon Institute on Fifth Avenue in Oakland, and we saw a RIOT SCENE!  Hundreds of men duking it out on the steps of this big old stone-pillared building in the snow.

Yes, the snow.  Apparently the scene takes place during the winter, so they were blowing fake snow all through the air during the fight.  It was about 85 degrees outside.  So when you see the film, if you see a riot scene in front of a big old stone-pillared building in the snow, you'll need to lean in and see if you can see any of the poor extras sweating bullets.  Because you'll know that Gotham winter was filmed in Pittsburgh in July.

You're welcome. :)


EDIT: I had to add this, considering that Mom and I saw two weddings going on yesterday across the street from the set (Heinz Chapel and St. Paul's Cathedral).  SO GLAD that their special day was made even more so by the Dark Knight crew!


  1. That is so cool that they are filming near you - we don't get any cool action movies back here in Columbus!

    And as for the winter-shot-in-summer thing, I think I feel worse for Christian Bale than anyone else in the cast - something tells me that the Bat Suit isn't very light and airy!

  2. Personally, I'd be cool with Christian Bale wearing a less bulky Bat Suit. For his health, of course.