Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today I was an 8-year-old nerd, and it was AWESOME!!!

Hi there!

Well, the Husband and I returned this week from a trip to his family farm in Iowa, a mystical land of wonderful people and potato salad.  And today we went on a special excursion that I had given him for his birthday last month:


(It's actually termed LEGO Kidsfest, but I feel slightly less silly by truncating it.)

Anyway, there's not a whole lot that can be written about this magical festival of plastic bricks.  It has to be experienced -- the reverberating roar of a thousand delighted children, excessively enthusiastic event leaders ("Let's see who can build the tallest tower, okay, kids?  On your mark, get set -- LEGO!"), and buckets and barrels of LEGOs being communally dumped, stirred, and sifted without a care of Purell or Lysol to dampen the fun.

While the Husband and I were working on the creations you'll see below, we met a man who brought his children all the way from New York to Pittsburgh to attend LEGOFest!  Well, actually, the primary reason for the trip to Pittsburgh was that it was this New Yorker's mother-in-law's birthday, which probably means that he would have volunteered to take the kids to a paint-drying festival if necessary.

Anyway, all I can say is, if LEGOFest is in or near your town, GO!  And check out these pictures! =)

Husband met Captain Jack Sparrow!

 And I met a dinosaur!

Then we found Hogwarts...

... and the Dark Knight, with one of the cast-offs from Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."

 Speaking of Disney.... 

This fellow didn't seem to mind all the adults swarming around at the Kidsfest.  As Husband put it to me, "I think it's kind of like Comic-Con... nobody judges anybody else."

 Also, the fellow had built a pretty sweet city.

 I made a palm tree!

 And Husband made something that looked kind of like an Indiana Jones artifact.

 He worked super hard! 

And he even figured out how to make the spiral piece hide inside the outside piece... man, I picked a winner. 

 Husband was also really sweet and made me a heart!  

 Naturally, I instantly set about devising a way to make it breakable.

 And then I rounded things out by climbing into a sarcophagus.  All told, a pretty typical day.

Yes, every subject in these pictures WAS constructed entirely with LEGOs!  How cool is that?!

...and now I'm curious.  Have you ever been to a convention of this sort?  And if so, just how nerdy was it? =)

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  1. "And Husband made something that looked kind of like an Indiana Jones artifact." Dude, that looks like a double helix.