Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Page: What do you think?

Here's a first-page idea that crossed my mind today, for a restricted-writing novel (in the vein of the brilliant Mark Dunn).  I'd love and appreciate any honest feedback!




Mrs. Hattie Rendell, Esq.
Pottawattamie County Attorney
1525 Snap Street
Thimble, IA 51549

June 13

Dear Hattie:

Attached please find the transcripts you requested, of our interviews with the defendants, Misses Adelaide and Rosemarie "Ree" Hightower, and several witnesses.  I regret to report a minor mishap with the transcription: the interviews were led by Deputy Sheriff MacDonald and transcribed by a greenhorn who will remain nameless (off the record, ma'am, an unbearable jackass who's since been shown the door).  The greenhorn recorded all of the responses accurately, but neglected to note MacDonald's pertinent questions at the time.  Unfortunately, our antique cassette recorder also managed to eat the tapes before this oversight could be corrected (off the record, ma'am, your public support of the law enforcement levy this fall would surely mitigate this problem in the future).

I apologize on behalf of my office for this error.  We would have re-taken the statements, but the Hightower sisters and the witnesses have all refused to say anything further (off the record, we did get a confession, so I would hate to see these interviews thrown out).  As long as the case is tried in Thimble and doesn't require traveling to the capital, MacDonald will be happy to testify, to the best of his creaky old memory, what questions were asked.  I'll try and get some of them out of him, but I know you have a court date coming up soon, and I wanted to at least get you these responses as a start.

Good luck with the preparations for the trial, and just let me know if I can help you with anything else.

Dutifully Yours,

Fred Tom Wilkes
Sheriff, Thimble Township
Thimble, Iowa

P.S. Maggie asked me to ask you for your macaroni salad dressing recipe.  If she asks -- I asked.  FW


  1. i like your blog..

    found you throght 20sb

    great job

    keep it up


    Yogini Anya

  2. I think it has potential! I'm not familiar with Mark Dunn's work, but your first page is well-written and and I found it intriguing. I'd love to read more!