Monday, May 23, 2011

Time to Go (Semi)Pro!

(I promise, not everything on this blog is going to rhyme.)

Welcome to my writing machine!  I've been told by several trusted advisors that, as an aspiring author, I need to get a professional-ish blog going that represents 1. who I am, 2. what I do, and 3. why you should care.

1. I'm Joy Givens, a writer/student/administrator/tutor/wife/daughter/sister/friend/etc., currently located in beautiful, SUNNY Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

(well, it was sunny ten minutes ago.  I'm sure it will be sunny again sometime in the next month.)

2. I write, teach, speak French, crochet, cook, and sing.  I compose music on occasion.  But the main reason that I'm forming this blog is because I write, and I want to share it with you, internet.

3. Because I'm going to be famous!  Maybe not Britney-famous (I like wearing pants too much), and maybe not Harry-Potter-famous (lack of magical ability), but famous in the sense that something I write might end up on your bookshelf someday.  If not yours, then the bookshelf of someone you know.  If not theirs, then... you probably should meet more people.  Or buy more books.  Or both.

Feel free to check out the other pages and my blog roll as you see fit.  Please stop back soon - I will update this blog as often as possible.  Thanks for visiting!

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