Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year

So, every year at about this time, I make resolutions, usually based upon my failings of the previous year, to improve myself in the coming months.  These resolutions can range from the pathetically simple -- such as no longer wearing socks to bed -- to the bizarre and complex, like learning to write with my other hand while blindfolded; you never know when that one might come in handy!

In any case, I made a couple of resolutions this year, and one of them was to be a better blog mommy.  I resolved to blog more often on January 1 and figured out what I was going to blog about.  Well, here it is, January 7, so I figured that I ought to go ahead and post it already.  This level of dedication is really pretty typical for my New Year's resolutions.  If I ever get abducted by pirates, and they blindfold me and tie my left hand behind my back, I'm really going to be in a pickle.

Anyway, I should probably give a bit of an explanation as to why the month of December did not see a single whiff of blog post from me.  Unfortunately, it is a sad explanation.  My grandmother, Janet Eilene Ingledue Fisher, one of the dearest and most genuinely kind people in the world, passed away on December 7, after a long fight with cancer.  It had worsened this fall, and we knew that this was coming, but things got really serious really quickly, a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

Grandma and I shared so much more than just being two generations of a family.  I share her middle name, her faith, her wedding date, her appreciation of the arts, her love of animals, and her ability (I hope) to always find the good in people, and in the world around us.  She taught me to play Chinese checkers and never let me win (or at least, never told me she did).  She sewed clothes and purses for me, and I made her laugh.  My pen name, "Inky," was her nickname growing up.  She read just about every line I ever wrote, and never offered anything but praise and encouragement.  She "talked me to class" on my cell phone through most of college, and we kept that up on the bus ride home almost every day since I moved to Pittsburgh.  She is one of the best friends I'll ever have. 

Her passing is still quite difficult to write/talk about, so I won't say much more about it, except that Grandma has been my inspiration, support, and guide for my entire life, and she is "jitterbugging in Heaven" with my grandpa, as they wait patiently for all of their loved ones to join them.

In addition to being a superb mother, wife, grandmother, sister, aunt, et cetera, Janet Fisher was a gifted artist and poet.  Though never one to self-promote, she took delight in sharing her poetry with her children and grandchildren last Christmas, through a little book of poems that she gave to each of us.  I would like to share my favorite poem of hers, in the hope that it encourages you in the new year as it has me.

Just Light Up Your Corner
Janet E. Fisher

When I was much, much younger
I asked God what I could do
To make a difference in this world
As I was passing through

He said, just light up your corner
Love the people there
Show concern and kindness
Tell them that you care

So I have tried to do that
And I hope with all my heart
I will have touched the world with goodness
When it's time that I depart

Grandma - your corner couldn't be any brighter.

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  1. As a fellow Fisher, that poem brought happy tears to my eyes. We are very lucky to be a part of such a fantastic extended clan!