Monday, October 18, 2010

Lazy Blogging: LOOK, A PUPPY!!!

Evening, everyone,

Well, it was kind of a crappy Monday, all things considered.  This morning, I realized on the commute to work that an obese invisible pterodactyl had apparently perched itself between my shoulderblades.  This left my upper back in crunching, stabby pain that fell somewhere in between a Biggest Loser workout and death by monkeys.

Then I got to work, where we had our monthly committee meeting at noon.  This meeting usually sucks about three hours of life-force from my bones. 

It was ALMOST a better meeting today, because one of the committee members was retiring, so there was CAKE!  But then we were tricked, for the cake was followed by FOUR HOURS of wretched, wretched FAIL.  For those of you who are familiar with Alice in Wonderland, picture the caucus race:

(I'm Alice, btw, only I have to keep quiet and write down what everyone says, and I don't get to chase any white rabbits)

My day did improve after that, with choir rehearsal, breakfast-for-dinner, and a couple of great phone conversations.  However, in any case, I meant to blog about Wedding Mishap #9 tonight, but I've just had enough human stupidity for one day.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get into the next step on the countdown.  But for tonight, I present you with something wonderful... pictures of Riley, our puppy!

I know this sounds like a cop-out, and it kind of is.  But seriously, you try blogging with an invisible pterodactyl on your shoulderblades.  Try doing ANYTHING with an invisible pterodactyl on your shoulderblades.

Honestly, though, I'm a proud puppy mommy, and I kind of want to show him off a little.  I'm also about 60% sure that he might be a superhero dog in disguise.
(I tried to select pictures that emphasize both his heart-melting cuteness and his freakish double-joints)

Here is one time when we were on the road to Ohio and Riley climbed into the Husband's lap.  While he was driving.

Everything was really going okay, though... until Riley shifted the car into neutral on us.  And then he yawned:


Here he is, looking dashing, in a rare pose that does NOT expose his manhood for all to see.

And here is Riley using the Husband as a ballet barre.

My little sister Julianne (who has long since forgiven me for the Bathroom Incident) took GREAT care of Riley the last time we visited my family in Ohio:

And while we were there, Riley presented his own revision of "Lady and the Tramp":

(I bet you were expecting some sappy spaghetti scene, weren't you?) 

HERE is Riley's typical immodest pose, on our friends' couch. 

 (Every so often, I wonder if Riley is secretly Robert Opel, come back as a dog.)

One thing is for sure, though -- Riley certainly loves to snuggle.

Another thing -- Riley might be part polar bear:


But even Flashing, Part-Polar-Bear Super-Dogs need a rest once in a while:

Aaaaand sometimes they just need to let it all hang out.



    Lollllll I can't believe I didn't get to meet him while you were here. AND OMG, TELL JULES TO STOP GROWING D: I'M LOSING MY ADVANTAGE.

    But awwww Puppy is cute. Our doggies like to do the Playgirl poses too. GAH!

    And I miss you :( *CRIES*

  2. Cute doggie!! And that "Lady and the Tramp" bit is classic. Love it!

  3. I love that cuddly picture! I want a dog now!