Monday, September 20, 2010

Today Was Monday: Did I Win?

It just occurred to me that I ought to come up with some way to occasionally track my day-to-day life -- a sort of self-stalking mechanism for the purpose of determining whether I am conducting myself in a way that promotes ridiculous success and minimizes epic failure. 

Everybody likes points, right?  Unless they're on your license.  So I thought I would try compartmentalizing this particular Monday into point values, and see whether I won or lost this day.  Ready... GO!

  • No breakfast this morning, because I wasted about 11 minutes deciding whether or not to wear a skirt (I didn't): -5 points

  • Made french-press coffee at work: +5 points (net 0)

  • Grabbed Chipotle for lunch!  Splurged on chips and guac, because I needed sustenance for the three-hour meeting this afternoon: +20 points (net 20)

  • Assessed the nutritional value of my lunch, and realized that it added up to almost 1500 horribly delicious calories: -15 points (net 5)

  • No class today, because the professor was out of town.  Normally I would be a little let down, because the class is awesome, but I had a three-hour meeting, so no class meant less to make up: +10 points (net 15)

  • Sat through the three-hour meeting: -4927 points (net -4912)
(You might think that I am exaggerating about the meeting.  I am not.  it deserves its own post, which I will duly write as soon as I have recovered enough to think about it for more than six seconds without my eye twitching.)

  • Went to choir rehearsal, where we started our CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!!! +519 points (net -4019)

  • Tutored one of my wonderful SAT students: +125 points (net -3894)

  • Finally agreed on a paint color with the Husband, so we can paint our bathroom before we tile the floor: +98 points (net -3796)

  • Came home and opened the mailbox to find my free 

+4,000 points (net 4)

I eked out a win today!  Thank goodness I checked the mail.  How was YOUR day in points?

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  1. Your excitement over Christmas music is a bit...disturbing... :-D

    Glad you pulled out a win for Monday. I don't want to apply this delicate calculus to my life or I may end up at the bottom of the Mon sooner than anticipated this life.